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Hello All Once again we are back with an article on best website to learn typing.

Does your child Or Adult struggle to get Frustrated or hang of touch typing? Or simply just want to be able to work at a faster pace? These issues can be easily solved with some practice on touch typing web programs. The best typing applications help your kids learn correct finger-to-key movement.

Experts understand that it might be a little intimidating for children to look at the whole sea of letters and numbers on the keyboard. To that end, they have come up with fun and inventive ways for students to get to grips with the keys. Some parents opt for typing tutors, some use typing programs. Let us introduce, our 5 favourite touch typing programs that children (and adults) can use.

The thing about touch typing is that as a skill it is ignored and underrated. Granted you’ll learn it automatically if you use the computer for 14 hours a day for a few months (or may be a year) but if you invest some time in learning it consciously, you’ll find that it goes a long way in making you more productive at whatever you do that involves a keyboard.

So Above lines keeping in mind We CTB mention this 5 best website for typing for kids or any Age Group want to learn typing and improve there skill in typing. So before getting any Delay Lets Started..

5. Dance Mat Typing:Lessons For Kid

BBC’s Dance Mat Typing is split into four levels of play. Each lesson builds on what you have learnt in the previous lesson, adding new letters bit by bit. There is a small test at the end of every level and a small reward when you’ve completed each level. This program is pitched at primary school students.

Dance Mat Typing uses wacky animal characters and colorful games to make their free typing lessons fun for elementary-aged children.

You’re taken through four levels, each with three different stages. This helps break the lessons into small manageable chunks so that learning to type isn’t so overwhelming.

No registration or login is required, so you can get started quickly.

4. Keybr : KeyBoard

Keybr is probably the simplest of the sites that teach touch typing for free. It has a colorful and easy to understand interface that can help you get started really quick. As you start typing, the letters you miss are highlighted in red so that you know where you are going wrong.

There’s also a neat keybr bookmarklet that you’ll find in their Goodies section. This bookmarklet lets you import the content of any webpage into keybr’s interface

3. Ratatype: Learn In Order

There are over a dozen free typing lessons at Ratatype, and before starting them, you’re given several tips for how to sit at your computer, which is something most of these sites pass over.

Something unique about this keyboarding lesson website is that if you make too many mistakes during a lesson, you’re forced to start over. Once you make a reasonable amount of typos, or none at all, you can move forward with more lessons.

You get to see your typo count and WPM while you’re typing and even compete with others in a high score list.

2. Typing Club: Hundreds Of Lessons

Best Website To Learn Typing

There are 600 hudrends of typing lessons at TypingClub, where you’ll learn the alphabet keys, shift key, numbers, and symbols. There are also lessons that focus especially on speed. You can jump to any of them whenever you like, or you can take placement tests to prove your skills.

While you go through these, you’ll be able to view your speed and accuracy. If you sign up for a free account, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress as you go through all the lessons, as well as record your highest WPM of all time and review some other stats.

Teachers can use TypingClub where they can monitor their students’ progress, customize the lessons, and even manage multiple classes.

The Premium edition removes ads and includes story typing, games, replay attempts, more themes, and additional typing reports.

1. Typing.com: Track Your Progress

Best Website To Learn Typing

Typing.com is the best website to learn typing has free typing lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced typists. It’s geared towards middle school kids all the way up to adults.

During each lesson, there’s nothing else to distract you from your typing except for a virtual keyboard showing where the letters are and which fingers to use. When done, you get to see your speed, accuracy, and the time it took you to finish, and you don’t even need to lift your hands off the keyboard to move on to the next lesson; just press Enter.

Registration isn’t required, but with it, you can track your progress and earn awards. Registration is free.

There’s a Teacher portal available for teachers so that they can manage and track the progress of their students as they complete the typing lessons.

What We Like For This Website:-

  • Track progress with points and achievements.
  • Registration isn’t required.
  • Good for beginners.

What We Don’t Like For This Website:-

  • Advanced users won’t improve their skills much.

Bonus Tips For Beginners:-

So Before Ending This, We CTB like to Tell Our Bonus Tips Regarding Typing There are 6 Exercise Must Try For Beginners To Become Pro in Typing :-

  1. ASDFG(SPACEBAR);LKJH (Try To Complete In 1 Hour)
  2. QWERT(SPACEBAR)POIUY (Try To Complete In 1 Hour)
  3. ZXCVB(SPACEBAR).,MN (Try To Complete In 1 Hour)
  4. ALL ABOVE EXERCISE (1,2,3) (Try To Complete In 1 Hour)
  6. THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER A LAZY DOG (This Sentence Has a A to Z alphabet Practice So Do Lot Of Practice On This)

After Reading This, Its Time For Vote Your Best Website:-

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