How to avail ₹4100 Accenture employee Benefits For Free

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Accenture plc is an Irish-American professional services company based in Dublin, specializing in information technology (IT) services and consulting.

Accenture Employee Benefits

We all got 5000 health benefits points from Accenture, but like me many people ignored it. Finally, after multiple experiments and trials, I figured out and got the product delivered using the following method.

Go to benfitsyou portal. Click Below:

Accenture Employee Benefits

  1. Download and Register on the Wellness Corner app using the Accenture email ID  to register from playstore / apple store.

2. Use code MX68KS to get Rs.100 in your wallet while registering.

3. After registering click on the wallet icon from the left corner and click add to my wallet.

4.Open Benefits portal go to Outpatient coverage(OPD) out of 4 categories

Click buy and select the silver package and Click Buy for 4956.

5. Add the same email and mobile number given in the Wellness app(Mandatory) and Click proceed to pay.

6. Wait 10 minutes to get 4000 added to your wellness wallet now.

Now you can buy anything from this for Rs.4000. There are a large number of things that we can use in our home(Trimmers, Facewash, breakfast, Oils, Facial care and so much). Hence, avail the Accenture Employee Benefits.

Note: If 4000 points not yet credited in app then go to help and support ask question they will solve.

Complete Guide To Avail This Accenture Benefit

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