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Hello all, Looking for the Best Book For Gate Mechanical then you are at the right place. The Graduate Aptitude Test of Engineering (GATE) is one of the toughest exams of the country. Clearing Gate with good rank will open the doors to persue higher studies in the prestigious institutes of the country or abroad. And also get the chance to work with the top PSU’s of the country. Cracking Gate needs consistancy , dedication in studies and understanding of the subject wise concepts.

Books are the topmost tools to prepare for any of the exams. A lot of questions that comes in the minds of many aspirants like- From where should I study? Which preparation books for GATE should I choose?. Considering this, here we have listed down some specific books that can help you to build concept and achieving.

There are various reference books in market which is just not supposed to be over there because of the lot of mistakes present in it. And you might end up building wrong concept in a wrong manner. So we do not have picked them randomly but Rather these are recommended by all the Toppers.

Each books are available on amazon and flipkart or you can purchase these from your local market.

1. Mathmatics

B. S. Grewal is a standard book so you can be reading that it’s a very thick book. That’s what you are doing, when not preparing for GATE/ESE. But if you are preparing for GATE/ESE then mathmatics books from Made easy publication will be enough.

2. Reasoning & Aptitude

Best Book For Gate Mechanical

Reasoning & Aptitude for gate do not require CAT level preparation. Just practice and go through Made Easy Publication that will be enough.

Core Subjects for Mechanical

Let’s start with the best book for gate mechanical

1. Thermodynamics

You might have gone through the name of the legendary “Thermodynamics by P.K Nag“. There are so many questions that have been asked in previous year ESE. So you must go through this book.

Best Book For Gate Mechanical

Concepts – P.K Nag

Practice – P.K Nag

2. I.C Engines

Best Book For Gate Mechanical

For IC Engines V. Ganeshan is the best book to build your concepts.

Solved Examples are very good to practice from. And you must also do that if you are preparing for gate and ese.

3. Heat and Mass Transfer

Heat and Mass Transfer by Yunus A Cengel book for heat transfer is again very very good book for building concepts. Concepts are very well explained with real life examples.

Incropera is a little bit higher level but again extremely good book. And it explains the concept very well especially in this concept like transient state analysis and many more things that are explained very well over there.

For practice of questions you may consider D.S.Kumar.

4. RAC (Refrigeration & Air Conditioning)

Best Book For Gate Mechanical

Coming to the application based subject RAC, you might be knowing C.P Arora. It is a very good book so definitely that’s many of the toppers recommendation.

5. Fluid Mechanics & Machines

Next coming to fluid mechanics, Fluid Mechanics by Yunus Cengel is best book to build deep concepts. Concepts are very well explained.

Best Book For Gate Mechanical

Another book that is good for building concepts is from the Indian authors i.e Dr S.K SOM. This book covers fluid mechanics along with Fluid machines in single book.

Best Book For Gate Mechanical

Now, the third book that you may consider is R.K.Bansal. This book is best for practicing more and more problems. Along with building concepts in easy and understandable language.

Best Book For Gate Mechanical

6. Engineering Mechanics

This subject is mainly for ESE . Hardly a question comes in GATE. But though it is in syllabus we have to study and it is also the base for SOM. R.K Rajpoot is the best book for gate mechanics.

7. Strength of Materials

So basically there are two to three books for strength of material which are actually good. So you can read any one of them.

1 . Gere and Timoshenko , it is usually yellow in color it is a very very good book . It is best for the various derivations it is very good to build a solid concept of strength of material.

2 . R.K Rajpoot, Known for its easy to understand languages and have enough problems to practice. So it is the best book balance your practice and concepts.

8. Theory Of Machines (TOM)

For Theory of Machine S.S Rattan is a very good book. One of the very few Indian author books that can be read. Solved example are very well explained along with the concepts. You need not to go through the whole solved examples when it comes to GATE.

Another book that can be considered is Theory of Machines and Mechanisms by P. L. Ballaney.

9. Machine Design

Coming to machine design V.B Bhandari is probably the best book on machine design. if you want a reference book. No second thought comes in mind while choosing machine design.

10. Production Engg.

Now coming to production Amitabh Ghosh and malik is a very good book for production and manufacturing. Everything is very well explained over there especially towards competitive examination in this small book. So definitely if you want the concept well then go through it. Sometimes questions comes directly from this book.

Another book is Made easy Publication’s Production engineering by Swadesh kumar.

11. Industrial Engg.

Industrial Engineering is a subject for which it is very difficult for you to find a book. But there’s a book written by Swadesh Kumar Singh by made easy publication. Another book that is good for industrial engg. is O P Khanna.

13. Material Science

Best Book For Gate Mechanical

Callister is The best book when it comes to Material Science. It covers all the topics that is asked in GATE and especially ESE. If you have interest and time you may definetly go through Callister. It is the Father of all book in material science.

Verdict for best book for gate mechanical

So above mentioned books will surely help you out in cracking GATE/ESE if you follow them in proper manner. That proper manner is

  • If you have time (1st or 2nd year student) then you should throughly read these books and make short notes out of that.
  • It is foolishness to reads these books in 3rd year or final year.
  • You can just understand those topics where you are struck. Not wasting time in reading full.

If we miss any of the subjects then comment down below

So these were the best book for gate mechanical until then Best of Luck For your Exams.