Best micro SD cards in 2020 | SD card Buying Guide.

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Looking for the best micro SD cards in 2020?. Then In this article we will tell you everything about SD card . And we’ll also break down the best micro SD cards available in the market while comparing them for price vs performance. We have also included the links for the product mentioned.

If we talk about the majority of customers, the only thing that pops up in their mind is the capacity. For example Someone wants to buy a 64 GB card but when they go to buy it, there are already ten different types of cards, available in 64 GB capacity but one is very cheap and one is very expensive. Which lead them to a lot of confusion which ultimately end up buying the wrong one.

So Before we get started, you should know some of the Terminology related to SD card. You should know these things before buying one or you might end up buying wrong one. In short this is the SD card buying card.

Terms related to SD cards

There are many terms related to sd cards which you might already know. Don’t worry, the one who does not know, will get to know after reading this. You must have seen (microSD , SD , class , speed, compatibility, XC/HC) written on cards but have wondered what they mean, what they denote.

So in this buying guide we will be covering all the terms related to SD card. which will surely help you in buying the best micro SD cards.

As you see in this picture

1. Type

First of all micro SD card stands for micro Secure Digital card

There are mainly four types of card available in market. Out of which 3 are very common .

  1. Standard :- This type of cards can support upto 2GB of storage.
  2. HC (secure digital High Capacity) :- Support over 2GB – 32gb
  3. XC (secure digital Extended capacity):- over 32GB – 2TB
  4. UC :- over 2TB – 128TB.

SD standard works in any slot means compatible in all devices.

SD HC card will work only on those devices which are compatible with HC and XC.

But SD XC will work only on those devices which are XC compatible. unfortunately not compatible with other slots.

2. Speed (class)

As shown in the picture you might have seen number written inside C. Basically this C represents speed class , means class 4, class 6 class 10. And the number inside the C represents the minimum write speed, 4 means 4 MB/s , 6MB/s, 10MB/s.

best micro SD cards
Class 1010 MB/sHigh speed
Class 66 MB/sNormal speed
Class 44 MB/sNormal speed
Class 22 MB/sLow speed

2.1 UHS standards

Modern Day Memory cards also have U written before its class which denotes Ultra High speed bus or simply only U.

  • U1 – write speed of 10 MB/s.
  • U2 – write speed of 20 MB/s.
  • U3 – write speed of 30 MB/s

3. Device compatibility

This is the most ignored thing before purchasing a card. for instance If you have a device which supports only upto 64GB then buying 128 GB one might results in device support problem.

Another thing that is to be kept in mind is its class type. If only C is mentioned on the card, means it support conventional type of devices only. And if only U is written means it will support only UHS 1 bus or UHS 2 bus compatible devices or in simple words high speed supported devices.

If both is U and C is mentioned , means it is supported by both type of devices.

4. Application Class Type

You might have also seen A1 , A2 written on the cards. This tell you if it is fast enough for apps on mobiles.

The SD Association introduced new application performance classes that will specify Micro-SD cards that are fast enough to be used for starting apps and programs. App performance Class is defined by the IOPS (input output speeds).

Application performance ClassMinimum Random ReadMinimum Random Write
A11500 IOPS500 IOPS
A24000 IOPS2000 IOPS

5. Video Speed Class.

You must have seen V90 , V60 , V30, V10 numbers written several times on the card, So these numbers tell you about the video class of that card and the minimum write speed for video recording. for example if you see V60 written on card the it signifies 60 MB/s for video recording.

This is mainly useful for camcorders, video recorders and other devices with video recording capabilities

6. 256x , 1500x , 2366x ,.. etc

You have also seen these type of number (not necessary these only) written on many cards .So basically this represents the comparison between the write speed with CD’s (compact disks). For example 1500x shows 1500 times faster than CD’s.

List of best micro SD cards in 2020

1. Samsung MB-MC512GAEU

best micro SD cards

Samsung is a well-known giant in the tech industry and this micro SD card doesn’t disappoint with performance and capacity .You will be getting a micro SD card along with a very handy SD card adapter that has 512 GB of memory this is a lot of memory to have in a tiny little piece of tech.

  • You will not only get excellent storage capacity but also the speeds are going to be extremely impressive and can go up to 190 MB/s of reading and writing speeds respectively.
  • It also has compatibility with both class 10 and class U3.
  • This micro SD card has been tested and proven to seamlessly run 4K UHD video and has a wide array of compatibility.
  • Also it can be used in micro SD XC slots.

2. PNY Elite X.

best micro SD cards

At number two we have the PNY Elite X , this elite x-class micro SD card from PNY flawlessly pairs storage capacity and performance in an ultra small card that measures only 4.1 x 1.9 x 5.6 inches and weighs 15.875 grams only.

The elite X micro SD card features 256 GB of storage that can obtain read and write speeds upto 100 MB/s by which you will be able to transfer your data with lightning fast speed. So you don’t have to spend hours waiting at your PC if you need a way to immediately boost the onboard memory, For any of your devices including smartphones tablets and computers this is going to be your best bet.

  • This micro SD card is both class 10 and U3 compatible and it can also easily handle 4K UHD video thanks to the U3 compatibility.
  • It is rated A1 when it comes to app launching and performance.

3. Sandisk Ultra Micro SD card.

best micro SD cards

This micro SD card from Sandisk is going to give you plenty of storage and speed on a budget that is definitely not going to break the bank. You will be getting a micro SD card with 128 GB of storage . And has a transfer speeds that can reach 100 MB/s under ideal conditions.

  • The Sandisk ultra micro SD card features both class 10 and U1 compatibility which makes it great for transferring 1080p HD video without issue.
  • A 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

It is also designed to be the perfect pairing for your android smartphone or tablet. This ultra reliable micro SD card is also going to be shock , temperature , water and x-ray proof to ensure that your information stays safe.

This little piece of tech is a must-have for people on a budget

4. Samsung MB-ME128GAAM

Here we have another offering from Samsung this time with the smaller sized MB-ME128GAAM micro SD card. This micro SD card, manufactured by Samsung comes with 128 GB of storage in the micro SD XC format. And It is going to be great for everything from PC’s to Laptops and even smartphones and tablets.

It has been rated on a 2 meter drop test and is also shock proof, waterproof and X-ray proof. Samsung has ensured that this micro SD card is going to last and keep your data secure. with this purchase you’re also going to receive a regular SD card adapter which will immediately expand the compatibility of your new card. Also have a 10 year warranty from Samsung. so you get peace of mind with your purchase

5. Sandisk Extreme SD card

Sandisk has produced a micro SD card that is not only ultra affordable but also extremely versatile. This micro SD card from sandisk features 64 GB of storage capacity which isn’t huge but for a little price it is quite a bargain.

It also can give you read speed upto 100 MB/s and write speeds up to 60 MB/s for fast data transfer. It has class 10 and U3 compatibility for 1080p HD video as well as  4K UHD videos also a SD card adapter to give you even more options.

One of the best parts about this card is that this card comes with a RescuePRO Deluxe data recovery software download which makes it easy to recover files that have been accidentally deleted also it is shockproof, temperature-proof, waterproof, and X-ray-proof

With a five year limited warranty and also considering the price , this micro SD card is going to be a great buy.

Conclusion for best micro SD cards

So this was our list of best micro SD cards in 2020. But we can give our opinion so that you can buy according to your requirements .

  • If you have to record 4K videos then you should have a minimum U3 card.
  • For recording FHD videos which is very common as all devices support this then you should have a minimum of class 6 but class 10 will be best.

In our opinion class 10 and U1 will be best for day to day usage.

So that sums up the top micro SD cards hope you enjoyed and if you did please leave a Comment until next time have a great day.