Best Topics for GD (Group Discussion) 2021

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It can be sometimes difficult to come up with a Best Topics for GD. Before deciding on a topic, you should think about a number of things

  • Is this a debatable subject for GD?
  • Do you have anything prepared to say about it?
  • Is it possible to conduct research on the content?
  • Are you sincerely enthusiastic about that topic?
  • Is the content interesting enough to pique your audience’s interest?

Get all of the answers below, as well as some topics for GD (Group Discussion) 2021

What Is GD (Group Discussion)

One of the screening processes used by HR managers to hire the greatest people is a group discussion round, which we call it GD in short.

A little amount of preparation ahead of time, will help you do well in your GD round and let you to stay on top of the most recent group discussion issues. The conversation can run anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, allowing hiring managers to identify only individuals who perform well under pressure.

How to Select Best Topics for GD (Group Discussion)

A good topics for GD are one that allows participants and audience members to learn about both sides of a problem. When choosing a topics for gd, keep the following elements in mind-

  • Interest– You must be interested in your topic because you will be the one to write about it and offer it to your audience. If you are uninterested in the subject, your debate will not be persuasive enough to convince your listeners.
  • Research– You should be knowledgeable of the benefits and drawbacks of your topic in order to discuss effectively. This will assist you in persuading the audience by countering the opponent’s arguments.
  • The target audience– It is the most important thing to consider when selecting a GD topic. Your topic should be appropriate for your audience’s intellectual level. Only in this manner will they be able to comprehend what you are attempting to convey in your dispute.
  • Argument Potential– Choose a topic with a lot of room for debate. You will have a difficult time producing a strong debate if only one side is correct or if there is minimal material available.

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So Here are The Best Topics for GD 2021

We’ve collected a list of outstanding argument-able topics for GD in 2021 for candidates and aspirants.

1. Technology Topics for GD

topics for gd in interview
  1. Social media has improved human communication.
  2. The development of artificial intelligence will help humanity.
  3. Individuals should own their own DNA.
  4. Humans should invest in technology to explore and colonize other planets.
  5. Governments should invest in alternative energy sources.
  6. Net neutrality should be restored.
  7. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be encouraged or banned.
  8. Alternative energy can effectively replace fossil fuels.
  9. Cell phone radiation is dangerous and should be limited.

2. Health’s Topics for GD

topics for gd in interview
  1. Healthcare should be universal.
  2. Cosmetic procedures should be covered by health insurance.
  3. All people should be vegetarians.
  4. Euthanasia should be banned.
  5. The drinking age should be 18.
  6. Vaping should be banned.
  7. Smoking should be banned in all public places.
  8. People should be legally required to get vaccines.
  9. Obesity should be labeled a disease.
  10. Sexual orientation is determined at birth.
  11. The sale of human organs should be legalized.
  12. Birth control should be for sale over the counter

3. Education Topics for GD

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  1. Homework should be banned.
  2. Public prayer should not be allowed in schools.
  3. Schools should block sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram on their computers.
  4. Standardized testing should be abolished.
  5. All students should have an after-school job or internship.
  6. School should be in session year-round.
  7. All high school athletes should be drug tested.
  8. Detention should be abolished.
  9. All student loan debt should be eliminated.
  10. Homeschooling is better than traditional schooling.
  11. All schools should have armed security guards.
  12. Religion should be taught in schools.
  13. All schools should be private schools.
  14. All students should go to boarding schools.
  15. Sexual education should be mandatory in schools.
  16. All teachers should get tenure.
  17. All school districts should offer school vouchers
  18. Should the practice of Yoga be made compulsory in schools?
  19. Increasing the number of Engineering Colleges is a welcome step. Do you agree or disagree?
  20. Does dress code really matter at educational institutions?
  21. Is compulsory attendance really needed in schools and colleges?
  22. How safe are our kids in Indian schools?
  23. Govt. should divert more funds towards primary education. Yes or no?
  24. Should Government intervention in Indian education system be allowed?
  25. Should school children be allowed to own and use mobile phones or not

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4. Sports Topics for GD

topics for gd in interview
  1. Cricket should be made the national sport of India.
  2. Cricketers (male) are overpaid in India.
  3. Should India bid for 2024 Olympics?
  4. Membership of Parliament is not a trophy. Sachin Tendulkar has misused his fame. Yes or no?
  5. Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes should not wash dirty linen in public.
  6. Saina Nehwal made the right move by reuniting with chief national badminton coach Pullela Gopichand. Yes or no?
  7. The indifference and apathy, of Indian officials towards Indian players (in Rio Olympics), is heartbreaking. Discuss.
  8. Indian paralympic sportspersons are often neglected and overlooked when compared to the kind of reception meted out to the Olympic performers.
  9. Who is responsible for poor performance of India in sports?
  10. Salaries of CEOs, Athletes and Actors should be capped?

5. Environment and Agriculture Topics for GD

  1. Net Zero Biomedical waste crisis
  2. Carbon footprint
  3. Green Jobs are essential for sustainable development
  4. Impact of Coronavirus/COVID-19 on Environment
  5. Disaster Management in India
  6. Zero Budget Natural Farming
  7. Circular economy is the key to sustainable development
  8. Nuclear waste management
  9. Sustainable development hampers industrial progress
  10. Interlinking of rivers – Pros & Cons
  11. Plastic Pollution
  12. Water scarcity in India
  13. Light pollution – A new threat
  14. Use of Renewable energy in India
  15. Should both developed and underdeveloped countries have equal binding in combating climate change?
  16. Indiscriminate Tourism will lead to environmental damage
  17. Role of engineers in disaster management
  18. Climate Change – What can we do about it?
  19. How to eliminate the threat of Nuclear war?
  20. Ever growing air pollution levels – Where does the problem lie?
  21. Should stray animals be killed?
  22. Should Environment polluters be severely punished?
  23. E-waste management
  24. Genetically modified products – Boon or bane?
  25. Are Big Dams Necessary?
  26. Should Water Resources Be Nationalized?
  27. Nuclear Energy in India – Boon or Bane?
  28. Should the government give more subsidies to farmers or provide a better mechanism for a loan?
  29. Villages are the pride of India. Discuss

6. Socio-Political Topics for GD

  1. Indian entertainment – where is this industry headed?
  2. Should women join the army in more numbers?
  3. Secularism is dangerous for a country like India.
  4. Its high time that we re-wrote the Indian constitution.
  5. What do you prefer, cheap trash or expensive quality?
  6. Rural placements of doctors should not be forced.
  7. Indian citizens deserve social security.
  8. Movies encourage social evils.
  9. The beauty and fashion industries are degrading womanhood.
  10. Justice delayed is as good as justice denied.
  11. Reservation should be removed from the public sector.
  12. Business houses must adopt BPL families in large numbers.
  13. Politicians must have a retirement age.
  14. India needs a Dictator now. Yes or no

7. Current Affairs Topics for GD

  1. How to prevent COVID third wave in India
  2. The second wave of COVID-19
  3. India’s COVID-19 vaccination program
  4. Is India ready for 5G?
  5. Lessons for the world from COVID-19 pandemic
  6. Digital payments are secure and India is ready to go cashless.
  7. Chinese goods are a threat to Indian businessmen and economy.
  8. Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign is better than the old ‘Made in India’ campaign.
  9. Demonetization is a successful and effective move.
  10. Govt. can easily control the rising petrol prices.
  11. India needs bullet trains!
  12. India should implement a uniform civil code.
  13. Superintelligence and AI: Is it a boon or bane for India?
  14. Should national anthems be played in cinema halls?
  15. Is Sarahah promoting cyberbullying?
  16. Online games like Blue Whale and Slendarman are dangerous for the youth. Hence Whatsapp should be banned in India.
  17. Driverless car ban in India – is it a right move?
  18. Is victim shaming (as in the high-profile Chandigarh stalking case) justified?
  19. Women’s IPL is a welcome move.
  20. Minor’s abortion: should it be left to the mercy of the court?
  21. More and more mobile towers in residential areas. Boon or bane?
  22. Caste-based reservation must be replaced with economic status and education of parents.
  23. Can privatization save Air India?
  24. Is GST a ‘one nation’, ‘one tax’ reform?
  25. Will the Chinese project OBOR or ‘One Belt One Road’ benefit India?

8. Management Topics for GD

  1. Is theoretical knowledge sufficient for managers today?
  2. Do women make good managers?
  3. How professional are the professional companies today?
  4. B-schools fit square nuts into round holes.
  5. Is management art or science?
  6. Business ethics in today’s market and future.
  7. Unethical practices lead to success in business.
  8. Privatization will lead to Less Corruption
  9. Five people go on a strike in an organization, should they be thrown out?
  10. Discuss the relevance of family run business in India.
  11. Indian Administration should recruit from MBA colleges.
  12. India needs more job creators than job seekers.
  13. The credibility of B Schools ranking.
  14. In most corporates, ethics is a show, corruption is for real.
  15. Will stringent laws prevent cases like Satyam?

9. Socio-Cultural Topics for GD

  1. Classical music is dying due to the growing pop-culture in India. Discuss.
  2. Is remixing original songs a good practice?
  3. There should not be any restriction on Foreign media. Yes or no.
  4. Censorship in movies and our culture is useless.
  5. Do we need a censor board at all?
  6. Movies are corrupting the Indian youth. Yes or no?
  7. Indian culture is decaying as we are gradually forgetting our trends, spirituality, and traditions.
  8. Western culture is making us forget our cultural heritage.
  9. Culture is not law, change is the law of nature.
  10. Globalization has affected the Indian youth and overall population in many ways.
  11. Western culture is more progressive and upgrowing when compared to Indian culture.

10. Business and Economy Topics for GD

  1. Despite the comparisons, India’s Aadhaar project is nothing like America’s Social Security Number. Share your thoughts.
  2. Is the Aadhaar database secured enough?
  3. Are the charges on ATM cash withdrawals justified?
  4. Is demonetization affecting common people more than black money holders?
  5. India ranks 79 in Corruption Perception Index in 2016, according to the Berlin-based corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI). Discuss.
  6. The subsidy-led, asset-light cab service model like Ola and Uber, is not good for drivers and customers. Agree or Disagree?
  7. Indian IT industry contributes immensely to the US economy. True or false?
  8. How effective are social security systems and retirement welfare in India?
  9. Instead of bullet trains, investment in existing Indian railway infrastructure can spur economic growth in India and also benefit the global economy. Yes or No?
  10. Privatizing the Indian agriculture sector can solve marketing and distribution problems. Yes or No?
  11. NRIs do not invest in India because of bureaucratic hurdles. Yes or No?
  12. Will the great Indian real estate bubble burst soon?
  13. Deloitte recently revealed that not even one percent of India’s total solar energy potential has been harvested till date. What do you want to say about this?
  14. Should the rich and wealthy in India be taxed more?
  15. 61,000 Indian millionaires have migrated overseas in last 14 years. Are the uber-rich flocking outside to evade taxes?
  16. According to RBI, fresh 100 rupees notes will be launched in April next year. More chaos coming our way?
  17. Beurocracy is a hindrance to economic reforms in India. Yes or no?

Bonus Tip for Topics for GD in Interview

So these were some of the latest and trending topics for GD in 2021. So choose ant topic and start preparing and practicing on various android apps or you can join various telegram groups which use to conduct voice chats.