How to study effectively for exam – You should try it

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Hello! Exams are a big part of our academic life almost becoming a challenge for most of us .There is always a vast data to study. Write and revise as well when you go ahead to sit for your exams. Well , now  we have at last gathered some quite useful ways to help you in your studies. Always remember that not every method is useful for every one effectively . So always open your mind to different studying methods to see most useful one for you. How to study effectively for exam

Try to study not harder but smarter

  1. Arrange your study material- Always try to remember that you have keep all your notes within a hand range for effective studying and completion of syllabus. Try to stick to printed study materials.
  2. Use pictorial descriptions and memory flashcards- We had always seen that a colorful picture grabs your attention. Faster and longer than your normal text. It has been proven that the use of a diagram or a flowchart.  Is more effective way to memorize your concepts clearly.
  3. Remember and connect with your basics – we know that a plant grows only after its roots grow. So always remember and understand your basic or previous class knowledge effectively to understand the new concepts better.

Always know that a healthy body is the key to a healthy mind 

  1. Feast on brain food
  2. During your exams try to stay on healthy diet . So, that you can get a healthy body and give a 100 percent to your studies. Replenish your bodies water reserve without a fail to stay strong . 
  3. Allow a regular break session – It has shown that a long studying schedule is quite less effective than shorter sessions of 2 – 3 hours at a stretch . A break helps our brain to process the data we just memorized in the previous session.
  4. Change your study environment – A change of scenario always helps in boosting our motivation for studying more rigorously and a new energized pace.
  5. Allow a light exercise in schedule – A healthy body is the key to a healthy body which leads to a healthy mind quite an essential for a strict study regime .

  Revise and revise again

  1. Solve previous year’s question papers – A question paper is always a useful way to test your knowledge . It helps you to understand your weak points in the subject.
  2. Rotate between subjects – A shift of subject helps in diversifying our knowledge out the syllabus without making a cramming or intense study session.
  3. Think about the topic you are thinking about – A deep study always leads to some lingering thoughts and questions which can either useful or not . A good question is always worth the effort so try to generate more such doubts . 

The more the merrier

  1. Arrange study session among friends – It has always shown that different people have different questions about the same explained topic in the class which eventually leads to explaining lot of in-depth questions. 
  2. Try to explain your answers to yours peers for getting a more accurate version of the answer.

Always assign one job at a time to avoid multitasking .

Be alert in your class.

Stay focused on your studies.

Always ask for help

Use Survey , Questions , Read , Record, Recite , Review and Reflect on the subject.

Always charge yourself with a good sleep for a refreshed mind.

Thank you everyone for reading this article “How to study effectively for exam” to very end . We hope to have helped in achieving your correct study schedule to increase, your grades effectively.   

Written by Anushka Chowdhury