Best 15 HR interview questions for Capgemini

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Every interview is different, having divergent thought of an interviewer. So, to form alert to what type of interview questions may be asked, we’ve assembled below a number of the foremost asked interview questions and answers which can help candidates to win the interview. So, here is a listing of 15 best HR interview questions for Capgemini.

HR interview questions for Capgemini

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Introduce yourself briefly.

The first and most typically asked question from this list of best HR interview questions for Capgemini is how do you introduce yourself. Many interviewers start in this manner not only to assemble information but also as a way of assessing each candidate’s poise, delivery style and communication ability. Make your answer in favourable terms that the interviewer gets curious and takes an interest to grasp more about you.

Tell us about your hobbies and interests outside of work.

Another from the list of best HR interview questions for Capgemini is your interests and hobbies which are seen as markers of a balanced person who is adept at juggling personal and professional well-being. Hiring managers ask this question to grasp if you’ve got avenues to de-stress outside of work and channelize extra energy! Talking about your hobbies and interests is a good way to open the paths of communication in a job interview. discuss your hobbies and things that cause you to be happy! Your enthusiasm will surely infect the interviewer. So, prepare well and broaden the spectrum of your hobby.

Why should we hire you on Capgemini?

Quick tip:

Emphasize on your uniqueness but keep it concise. Highlight your strength, skills, and accomplishments. Give an example that describes you as a fast learner. Include the research you made on the company. Stay true and faithful and always read the job description and company’s requirements thoroughly to formulate the most effective answer.

What do you know about Capgemini?

Nothing can eliminate someone from consideration faster than an absence of research into the company’s business lines, locations, customer base and company culture.

Sample answer:

Capgemini is a French multinational corporation that provides consulting, technology, professional, and outsourcing services. It is headquartered in Paris, France. It is one of the world’s biggest IT counseling, outsourcing and proficient administrations organizations with over 200, 000 representatives in more than 40 nations, of whom about 100, 000 are in India. It was established in 1967 by Serge Kampf in Grenoble, France. Paul Hermelin has been director and CEO of the Capgemini since his arrangement in December 2001.

Why do you want to work with Capgemini? OR Why Capgemini?

Quick tip:

Conduct thorough research of the company and company’s top executive before facing the interview. study the company’s vision and the way you can contribute to that. As a professional, you ought to be able to demonstrate your eagerness to work for the company. Demonstrate evidence that you understand the employer’s business.

Mention why you depend upon the company for your growth and why it’s the best place to utilize your skill and knowledge for the advantage of the company. Demonstrate your belief within the company’s product or service

What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?

Quick tip:

  • Focus mostly on strengths.
  • Show the interviewer how you’re putting effort to overcome the weakness.
  • Mention about your real weakness but do mention about how you’re going to fix it.
  • Make sure your strength and weakness don’t contradict one another.
  • Research well about the position you’re applying for and identify the area where you’ll be able to apply your strength.
  • Choose a weakness that’s acceptable for the job in hand.
  • Don’t confuse interests with strength or dislikes with weakness.

Who is your inspiration?

Sample answer:

While there are countless individuals that I have met in my life who are often a source of inspiration for me- from my teachers to my parents. However, the most important inspiration I get is from myself. You see, I try and picture myself in 10 years and build an image of my life there and work tirelessly to succeed in that image. However, as I reach that image, I have already constructed another image for myself which is 10 years away. So, I always attempt to achieve beyond what I’ve made for myself and that picture of me in 10 years is what keeps me motivated.

What is your philosophy towards work?

Sample answer:

I have only one philosophy when it comes to work: every bit of work, regardless of size, should be done on time and in the right manner.

What holds more importance for you: work or money?

There’s just one way to answer this question – work comes first. Even money is a vital driving factor for you, remember that interviewers want individuals who are obsessive about working in their company.

Sample answer:

For me, work is my first priority. My goal is to keep learning and upskilling. But being of a practical mindset, money has always been a significant factor in my life. However, I firmly believe that if my work fails to satisfy me at the end of the day, I won’t be ready to enjoy the money I earn. So, work will always be my foremost priority, and if I can prove my mettle within the workplace, I will be adequately rewarded.

What do you think is creativity?

Sample answer:

Creativity I believe is in each one of us. From the drawing of a car by a 3-year-old to the famed Michelangelo of the Sistine Chapel. Creativity involves us the minute we open our eyes and see the world as we only fixate on the items that attract our attention. Creativity is innate art in us to create things.

Describe your ability to work under pressure.

Quick tip:

Working in pressure actually brings out the best in a person. There is a determination that makes the person do things in the best possible manner. These types of HR interview questions for freshers aim to help the interviews judge your temperament and your ability to work in stressful times.

Sample answer:

I enjoy working under pressure because I believe it helps me grow. In my previous experience, I always worked well during deadlines, and I always learned how to work more efficiently afterwards. I maintain self control and work as efficiently as possible.

Are you good at time-management?

Sample answer:

To manage my time, I try to use my time productively by working in the right environment and prioritizing tasks. Minimize distractions by shutting off the phone and social media when necessary. Also, I make it a point to follow a daily schedule that allows me to make the most out of each day. I tend to list out my tasks in accordance with priority and complete them accordingly. 

Are you willing to work overtime during nights and sometimes on weekends?

HR questions for freshers are mostly stuffed with such questions that seek the length to which you would move to complete tasks for the company. Here is a good time to reaffirm your commitment to your goals and make them believe that you will work your best.

Sample answer:

I always complete all the tasks assigned to me with due diligence. And if those tasks sometimes need me to come in on a weekend, i’ll not hesitate as my priority is always good quality work.

 What do you expect from our company, Capgemini?

Sample answer:

My primary aim is to learn from the company. So, I expect lots of feedback on my work. As I had explained I thrive on feedback as I understand the things I’m doing wrong and thus can put my mind to making them right.

 Do you have any questions for us?

Most of the job interviews close at this basic question where the interviewer leaves scope for you to clear your doubts. Moreover, asking questions shows that you are a confident and focused one who wants clarity for his/her job. Many fresh graduates hesitate to ask questions from the interviewer, but it’s always recommended to ask some relevant questions.