Infosys interview questions for freshers 2022 March (Part 1)

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infosys interview questions for freshers 2022

Here we are providing the Infosys interview questions for freshers 2022 March.

These are the Questions which were asked to the candidates who appeared in the Infosys interview conducted in march 2022 till now.

About INFOSYS in short

Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational information technology company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. The company was founded in Pune and is headquartered in Bangalore. Infosys is the second-largest Indian IT company after Tata Consultancy Services by 2020 revenue figures and the 602nd largest public company in the world according to Forbes Global 2000 ranking. The credit rating of the company is CRISIL AAA / Stable / CRISIL A1+ (rating by CRISIL).

Infosys interview questions for freshers 2022 March :-

Infosys interview conducted on 3rd march 12:20 pm
Duration – 20-23 min

  • First self introduction
  • What the project explain
  • Python feature
  • Why we use python
  • Data types in python
  • Oops Inheritance
  • Sdlc and model
  • Dbms and any other sql languae
  • Last question is you have any question for me

A Candidate Named Apurva’s Interview:
On 3rd March 12 pm
Duration – 10mins

I’m from CSE branch 2021 batch

  • Random situation related question
  • Java and SQL
  • Project deeply
  • Ur role in Project
  • challenged faced in ur lyf and related project
  • how you overcome them
  • I mentioned a digital marketing so they asked me related that questions like what is ur role, what exactly ur company will do, how u managed them, what is the actual process of that work, u deal with products and what is the use of that products, then she given situation on that products.
  • she asked me about mailing in that she gave me a situation like u have to mail regarding ur project completion then how u write letter to ur manager?

Another Candidate Named Nitin Nikam’s Interview on:
Time :- 11:40 am
Duration:- 10 mins

I’m from mechanical branch 2019 batch

  • self introduction
  • OOPs concept types
  • polymorphism with types
  • inheritance types
  • abstraction with example
  • math aptitude related two problems
  • 1) average based questions
  • 2) ticket based questions

Another Candidate Named Bhushan Khairnar’s Interview On:
3rd March 4 pm
Duration – 25mins

I’m from Civil Engineering branch 2020 Passout

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. About my final year project
  3. Why you want to join IT rather than Civil (This was the fix question for all Non IT background student)
  4. Explain me some basic concept you know about Oops and C,C++

Another Candidate Named Vijay’s Interview

  • First question was self introduction
  • branch (cse) passout year(2022) current semester and how many projects you done…
  • tell me any one of the project
  • strength and weekness
  • work under pressure
  • have you felt like you are not satisfied
  • biggest achievement till this year
  • SDLC explain and phases
  • steps for work under pressure
  • where do you see yourself after 5 years
  • any questions for me..?

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