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TCS had recently posted various job post. All of which the process of getting a job in tcs is pretty much the same that is 3 rounds. Out of which the crucial and important round is Interview Round . So getting proper knowledge of the type of questions which were previously asked is must, so we are providing the actual Asked TCS Interview Questions 2022 for freshers [PDF]

Question covered from (Ninja+ Digital)

Interview Experience 1

Questions from today’s Digital Interview :-


  1. OOPs concept
  2. Inheritance type
  3. Function overloading and Overriding
  4. Abstraction


1. Suppose I’m your project manager, how will you communicate with me ?

2. If you are not aware of the technology of your assigned project, what would you do in this situation ?

Interview Experience 2

Interview duration – 19 mins


  1. which of them you have Studied C/C++/Python?
  2. Have you Studied a bit data structure?
  3. Watched some videos about Ai/ml/cyber related
  4. what was your academic projects


  1. self introduction
  2. final year project in details
  3. why you want to join tcs
  4. hobby related questions
  5. why should we hire you
  6. 10 years where do you see yourself

Interview Experience 3

Digital Interview (15-09-2022)


  1. Brief Introduction
  2. Project explanation
  3. Cross questions on projects.
  4. Sorting algorithm
  5. Basic DSA question on array.
  6. CSS question (how to style headings separately and altogether)
  7. HTML (anchor tags and empty tags)
  8. One JS question (not able to understand the question)
  9. Difference between array and object
  10. Array and vectors.
  11. What will you do if tcs gives you 1year time before joining.
  12. Latest technologies that you have worked upon.
  13. Any project on latest technology if yes explain.
  14. 1-2 questions on project.
  15. Situation based question.
  16. What will you choose working in team or working in project & why.
  17. Cloud computing 1-2 questions.


  1. Normal questions like, Why should we hire you.
  2. Some questions on hobbies , etc

Interview Experience 4

A student of ECE Branch

  1. Self introduction
  2. why you choose ECE
  3. some basic ECE related questions
  4. why you want to joinTCS
  5. Is there any queries from your side, you can ask.

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