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When we talk about operating system service, we compare Windows vs Linux vs Mac to run applications. All these operating systems can use software libraries that are shared among different processes. This sharing creates a library of software that works together harmoniously and flexibly when executed.

This way, programs written for one platform can be completed on either system without any problems. On the other hand, a Windows program can only be executed on Windows and fail if it is performed on a Mac machine.

Before starting the article about Windows vs Linux vs Mac know about these operating systems.

Windows vs Linux vs Mac

The Windows Operating System

Windows vs Linux vs Mac

Windows Operating System, also known as WOS, is a series of many proprietary software-family systems, all of them developed and sold by Microsoft. Each family is catering to a specific segment of the computer industry. Windows started as a project by Bill Gates and Paul Allen to develop “the personal computing experience on a PC.” It was not successful but was later re-designed as “Windows 95” and then “Windows NT.” Windows Operating System is compatible only with non-Microsoft computer hardware.

In layman’s terms, the Windows operating system consists of many software programs designed to be used on Microsoft Windows personal computers running with Windows 95 or Windows XP. Most of the software programs written for these earlier versions are no longer supported by Microsoft and therefore are not compatible with the current windows operating system. Even those consistent with the existing windows operating system are still subject to security updates and may no longer be supported by Microsoft in future Windows versions. To use the latest Microsoft technologies, one must use the Microsoft-approved add-ins and software packages pre-installed with personal computers when purchased.

However, Microsoft’s software through the add-in CDs and Microsoft licensed products is now also compatible with many other computer platforms. For example, the open-source codebase, BSD, and Sun’s Open Source development are also used as a base for the development of newer windows operating systems. It is believed that the next version of Windows will be based on the Linux kernel and the Linux Task Manager. However, this will not be known till Windows 10 gets launched in the market. While Windows operating systems are still used widely by businesses worldwide, there has been a steady growth in the usage of Apple Mac OSX for home users in recent years.

Mac Operating System

Windows vs Linux vs Mac

Mac OS is a proprietary, user-friendly graphical operating system released and marketed by Apple Inc. Since 2021 it has been the primary operating platform for Apple’s Mac computers. For Mac users, this is a great day. With a simple click on your mouse, you can launch your favorite application or web browser, establish your development environment, view, edit files, manage your desktop environment, even interact with your Mac’s graphical user interface (GUI). With so many options, functionality, and features, it is no wonder that Mac users find themselves in love with this operating system.

What’s even better is that you can download freebies and free upgrades to Mac OS X, free web design tools, music and movie sharing applications, bigger memory capacity, and even more advanced features. In short, everything you could need for your Mac operating system in one place. With a big enough memory, a big screen, a faster processor, and the latest Mac hardware, you can be running your favorite applications in no time at all.

The latest version of Mac OS X is Leopard. Since the initial release of Mac OS X Tiger, there have been many changes, which made it a more powerful and versatile operating system. For example, Leopard is compatible with a wider range of designs, including, but not limited to, PCs, laptops, tablet computers, and many other portable devices. Users can install and run various programs using their mobile computing devices without any complications. With the latest Mac OS X version, you get everything you need and nothing you don’t believe in your Mac operating system.

The Linux Operating System

Windows vs Linux vs Mac

Linux Operating System, better known as LAMP, is an acronym for “Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP” – and is a very popular web server operating system. Linux is open-source or self-contained.

Based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel originally developed by Linus Torvalds for the Linux operating system. Linux is usually packaged together with various other programs such as your web browser, a web server, and a database server. You can download and install Linux from websites hosted on the Internet. Linux is extremely useful, especially for new computer users, as it is easy to use and doesn’t require any software installation.

There are different versions of Linux, the most current being the 4.2 kernels. There have been many modifications made to the Linux kernel to support various software products. These modifications have allowed Linux to be customized into many different configurations. For example, some of the newer Linux distributions do not include the Microsoft Office applications, which use the Microsoft Window Product. Instead, they come with a pre-downloaded version of Microsoft Office. Many Linux distributions have different kernels or are designed for use with certain operating systems. These are called different flavors of Linux.

Some other popular Linux operating systems include Fedora, which is designed for professional users; LinSpire for commercial use; OpenBSD for commercial servers; and Mandriva for home users. There is a popular port of the Unix system, and another one that comes close to being as popular is Sun Microsystems’ Open source operating systems for mobile devices. There are many mobile phones today that run on the Android platform. There is even a TV series around the Linux operating system.

Difference Between These Operating Systems Windows vs Linux vs Mac

The Windows operating system is more popular because of its availability. Since more people use Windows computers, more people have access to the operating system.

Also, many software developers choose to develop their applications for the Windows platform because there are various user-friendly tools available. The lack of support for certain applications on the Linux platform creates obstacles for them to develop.

Another benefit provided by Windows is the use of Microsoft Office software. This set of programs includes MS Office, Word, Excel, and many more. Many people rely on these programs when they work. However, not many people have the knowledge and skills required to operate this software of Windows vs Linux vs Mac. As such, having a developer build the necessary scripts in a Linux environment makes it easy for them to use this powerful software.

While comparing the Windows vs Linux vs Mac systems, it must also be considered that each method has its pros and cons. Windows works very well under high resource utilization. This means that it works fine when there are large numbers of users on the network who are using various programs simultaneously.

In comparison, Linux works best when there are a limited number of simultaneous users on the system.

On the other hand, Linux has a lower maximum connection speed. This is because it has a limited number of servers. It is also important to note that it requires a lot more memory compared to Windows. Because of these reasons, many companies prefer to use Windows since it is more compatible with their servers.

Linux also can use modules which makes it more efficient. However, one must remember that installing such modules may affect the performance of the operating system. This happens especially if the system is already laden with unwanted and unused modules. Modifications or removal of these modules, therefore, need great care.

how to choose the most suitable platform ?

When looking at Windows vs Linux vs Mac, the answer lies in considering all of the factors mentioned above. It is important to consider the company’s needs before deciding which one they should use. The development company may want to use one of these platforms because of its features, but it may not be essential to the work.

Besides, the company should also look at the resources the system uses. Aside from the use of RAM, the system should also have sufficient hard drive space. The system’s speed should also be in good condition. By researching each factor mentioned above, you will decide on which platform you should use.

A Mac operating system is known for being efficient when it comes to disk space and being extremely efficient when it comes to software licensing. However, a Mac is no slouch when it comes to networking. They are the only operating system that can use SMSTime synchronization software, making the network’s usage very efficient. While a Linux-based server can provide the necessary services, the number of available resources and the time required to get work done proves that Linux is the better option in terms of productivity and efficiency. One of the main reasons Linux can compete with Mac is that it is available free of cost.

The licensing fee for a Linux-based server is also lower than the fee required by a Mac system. A major advantage of using Linux is its ease of use.

Still, a Mac user may be more comfortable using the Apple product, especially if used to using the operating system. The Mac operating system has also been designed to be very compatible with other operating systems, while a Linux-based plan is also open to being used with other platforms.

Major advantage of using Linux over Mac OS X is ?

It is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. In addition to these two major advantages, Linux also has many extra software packages available. Many of these programs are not available for Mac users, and the user has to look for them using search engines. The software also runs faster on Linux. It has higher compatibility with most computer operating systems. While there are many advantages of using Linux, the disadvantages are also evident.

Hope this article on Windows vs Linux vs Mac have cleared your doubts regarding types of operating systems.